I was in Paris almost nine years ago with my family. I remember loving it then; my first trip to Europe felt big. The food culture, how late people stay out, the manicured parks, the endless amount of things to do and eat and see. I knew I would be back. The cityis romantic in all ways “romantic” can be interpreted - whatever you are passionate about, whatever lights a fire in you, gets fed here. If you have been, that may make sense to you, and if you hope or plan to go, it is a place worth soaking in. I am in love with traveling for the sake of experiencing the spirit of different countries and cities. The fiestiness of the French, the frequency with which Italians yell and use their hands, the gusto the Spaniards have towards just being “out.” You miss those things if you are always moving. Sit. Watch. Allow them, everyone else in the world, to change your own anthem.

We filled our days doing our share of watching and moving. I had more recommendations than we had time. I want to include a few travel posts here to mention places we enjoyed. It was so helpful to have Heidiand David’s lists along with some recommendations from friends and readers. You can wander and find good food, but in a city well traveled, I appreciated being pointed in the right direction. We were in town for six days, one of which we were zombies from not sleeping on the plane and grabbed simple salad and sandwich things at the grocery store so we could just get settled and go to bed early. So, let’s say five. Breakfasts were always at the hotel, something light. We stayed at Hotel Design Sorbonne the first few nights and La Belle Juliette the latter half (we adored this hotel). The room was beautiful, a little more space than an average Paris hotel room, the staff was helpful, and the bed was super comfortable. I worked at a luxury hotel for a few years and I notice details because of that experience, this hotel does a lot of things right. We ate a lot of good food, but where we stayed made this leg of the trip even better.


It never ceases to humble me that people value and make the recipes I write. We were recently nominated for the 2013 Saveur Food Blog Awards for Best Original Recipes and I found it to be another nod from the universe that I am doing what I am supposed to be doing. If you feel so obliged, and I would be grateful, today is the last day to vote! Thank you :)